Patented Track;

Patented Track rail was engineered specifically for use in the design of overhead cranes and monorail systems. Patented Track rail is an ideal blend of high carbon steel and manganese. The combination of these two components make Patented Track rail perfect for carrying heaver loads over wider spans – with smoother performance, effortless movement and exceptional resistance to wear. When you want to do it right, you do it with Patented Track.

Advantages of Patented Track

Further distinctions of Patented Track rail include a number of additional characteristics, such as:

  • Versatility – Patented Track can be contoured to include curves and facilitate turns, ensuring that the track can go wherever the application needs it to. With a high level of customizability, Patented Track can be used to create an ideal pathway through a facility. Optional switches also enable users to change the monorail path between separate track systems. Interlocks can bring cranes and monorails together and transfer loads from one to the other. In addition, patented track systems can accommodate all brands of hoists, tools, lifting and grabbing devices.
  • Distance – Traditional overhead cranes and monorails are limited in their ability to carry heavy loads over long distances with minimal headroom. With Patented Track rails, overhead cranes and monorails can move heavier loads further, faster and more accurately.
  • Superiority – While W-beams, S-beams and other types of steel beams are common for monorails, Patented Track with its engineered design and chemical make-up allow for greater loading with less beam depth, over longer distances and far superior wear resistance. These characteristics give Patented Track rail twice the performance and life of standard steel beams.
  • Performance – Patented Track provide a perfectly milled rolling surface. This facilitates smooth and effortless operation, creating greater efficiency when moving material. Systems may be powered or manual (push/pull), depending on the application.


Patented Track overhead cranes and monorail systems are typically found in high-cycle, demanding and precise environments. The superior engineering makes them likely candidates for such applications. However, the extreme versatility and characteristics of Patented Track make it the likely choice for so many other applications. When value, longevity and performance matter, Patented Track is always the right solution.

Patented Track has been driving American Industry for over a century and a half. Conceived during the industrial revolution and improved upon through the industrial expansion of the early 1900’s, it has served as the backbone of America’s industrial might, swelling our production capabilities and carrying us to victory in two world wars. Since then it has only been improved upon and fine tuned, making it the supreme feature of high-quality overhead crane and monorail systems used in today’s industries.

Some industries that use Patented Track Systems include:
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Foundries
  • Industrial Washing & Finishing
  • Military & Defense
  • Paper Mills
  • Machining
  • Steel Industry
  • Textile Mills
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Shipping
  • Warehousing & Distribution

Work With Maximum Material Handling

Maximum Material Handling can assist you in creating a customized patented track system to meet the unique challenges and specifications of your operation. Our in-house material handling experts are happy to assist you in developing the perfect solution for your needs.

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