At Maximum Material Handling, our expert service staff is available to meet any repair needs, including load testing and on-site repairs. We offer both standard and comprehensive OSHA inspections, providing a repair quote and an in-depth report to help our customers determine the best course of action for their equipment repair needs.

System Design

Let Maximum design a system to fit your needs. With our decades of experience in the material handling industry we have partnered with and represent countless leading-edge manufacturers, dedicated to developing and providing superior products.


Let Maximum be the one you trust to keep your equipment at operational readiness and running at peak performance. We can tailor fit a schedule of inspections, adjustments, lubrication and component replacement for the equipment you count on to keep your products moving.

Problem Solving

Maximum looks to lift away the obstacles that are preventing you from working more efficiently. We pride ourselves on flexibility, imagination and determination to provide you with the tools you need to streamline and expand your enterprise. We will always look for the way that best suits your productivity, environment and budget.





Maximum has the experience, equipment and know how to install all the material we distribute. Maximum’s personnel are factory trained and qualified to take on any challenge put before them. We perform an in depth evaluation of the site prior to install and prepare a detailed but flexible plan in order to see the project safely to the end, in the most cost effective and expedient way possible.


In-House Repair

In-house repairs happen at our conveniently located Parsippany, NJ facility. We can easily handle all types and sizes of chain hoists, lever hoists, and winches (electric, manual, air) as well as a wide variety of below-the-hook devices.

Maximum has a 20,000 lb. hydraulic-dynamic load testing machine on site. This allows us to test your equipment through all ranges of load capacity, under varying conditions. This also allows for real time comprehensive brake, motor and gearbox operation analysis. We can calculate actual motor parameters such as amp draw, full load amps, operating temperature and voltage drop, under real life conditions. This assures your work force they can trust their equipment when it’s needed most.

Fleet Maintenance

In addition to individual repairs, we also offer fleet maintenance. This is ideal for clients who carry a large stock of lifting equipment. We provide all the service mentioned above as well as equipment inventory lists with detailed specification per unit and service history.

Each piece of equipment is tagged with a heavy duty, water and chemical resistant tag, calling out identification #, location, manufacturer, capacity, type, lift, model serial, voltage, cord or chain lengths, inspected and load tested date.This tag typically satisfies all work site inspection requirements.

On-Site Repair

On-Site repairs happen at your facility and at your convenience. Maximum has a fleet of service vehicles, on call and ready to meet your needs. Our convoy of aerial lifts make it possible to service many different work site conditions with ease.


OSHA Inspections

Maximum’s trained technicians can provide you with peace of mind that your equipment is operating in a safe and proper manner and that you meet the OSHA standards for safety and documentation.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Preventative Maintenance (PM) inspections take safety and operational readiness to the next level. This inspection will provide not only piece of mind, but reduced down time, something an OSHA inspection alone won’t do.

PM inspections put our technicians inside the equipment. We remove covers, run diagnostics, make adjustments, lubricate moving parts and catch worn parts before they fail. We see firsthand how all aspects of the unit are operating. This greatly reduces breakdowns before they occur.


OSHA/Preventative Maintenance Combined Inspections

The best of both worlds and the most comprehensive inspection we perform. This inspection satisfies all your OSHA requirements as well as providing your facility with the most efficient means of tracking and avoiding work loss situations due to safety or downtime issues.

An OSHA/PM inspection is the most cost-effective form of inspection.


Post-Inspection Packages

All inspections performed by Maximum include our electronically prepared and delivered Inspection Package. An Inspection Package includes a form for each piece of equipment, covering all the identifying information of the unit, what was checked on the unit, condition and recommendations. We also include an equipment list with all identifying information. We install a heavy duty, water and chemical-resistant tag with our company logo, inspection date and the inspector’s name.

We also provide an itemized quote for any required or recommended repairs. This can help our customer identify safety requirements along with maintenance concerns in order to better help prioritize and or budget for repairs. All PM Inspections will include minor – repairs, adjustments and lubrication, if possible, as well as pictures of any damaged or severely worn parts.


Load Testing

In-House Load Testing

Load testing in house is primarily performed on our 20,000 lbs. Hydraulic-Dynamic Load Test Machine. This allows us to cycle electric, manual and air powered equipment under all ranges of loads and conditions, in real time, simulating actual work-site circumstances. This enables us to obtain comprehensive brake, motor and gearbox data.

For manual hoists we can measure brake reaction, test overload devices and observe gearbox performance.

For electric hoists, we can do all the things mentioned for manual hoists plus, measure idle through full load amp draw, operating temperatures and voltage drop.

For air hoists, we can do all the things mentioned for manual hoists plus, calculate speeds, determine air consumption and measure motor efficiency.

Maximum load tests all equipment we repair in house (if possible) prior to release.


On-Site Load Testing

We perform on-site load testing in two ways.

For small manual units up to 6-ton, Maximum has a portable hydraulic test stand that can be brought into a customer’s facility and moved from location to location with ease. This is convenient for maintenance cages, shop tool boxes and large facilities with equipment spread throughout.

For cranes, monorails, VRC’s and larger equipment, test weights can be delivered on site. Maximum has 20,000 lbs. of certified test weights in our inventory and we can deliver them to the job site quickly. We perform load tests as governed by ASME regulations and submit written reports upon completion. Maximum also has the ability to handle load test above 20,000 lbs.


Material Handling, Handled.

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